You have your passport and a basic budget set. But how do you know for sure you’ll have enough money?

It is always a good idea to do some basic research into the specific cities you are going to be visiting. What is there to do in that city? What are they known for? What is a must see and what can you skip?

The easiest way to do this is on the Internet, of course! You should know by now which cities you’re going to. Start by just putting that city name into Google and see what people say about it. For example, if you’re going to Aigues-Mortes in France, the first page of Google results tells you:
1) It’s a medieval city and the city walls (common defenses in medieval times) are still there for tourists to see and walk around on.
2) The area of France it is in, Camargue, is known for having particularly beautiful landscapes and salt water marshes.
3) It was founded by St. Louis (at the time, King Louis) in the 1200s as a base for the Crusaders.
4) It is very near the Mediterranean Sea. (This area is very warm and sunny with lots of beaches)
And that’s just from the previews – I didn’t even have to open any of the links to find out those things!

Make a list of things that seem interesting to you. For example, maybe you’re interested in military things and want to know about Crusader sites or exhibits in town. Maybe you’re just interested in the beautiful sandy beaches. Don’t be afraid to make some educated guesses too – for example, a city that is very near the Mediterranean Sea probably has really good local seafood you can try. For budget purposes, focus on things that might cost money. Use your common sense; going to the beach shouldn’t require anything, but you’ll probably need to buy a ticket to see an exhibit on the Crusaders.

Finally, Google (or use travel sites such as Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor) those specific items. This will pull up useful information such as how much it costs and when it is open but also other traveler’s reviews of those events/places. From there, you can easily decide what seems worth it to you and what doesn’t. Knowing this information will help you not only with your budget, but also with your daily plans so you always have something exciting to do that day!