Well, not too much ended up happening after my previous post. We mostly walked around Paris a bit more and got some dinner, as predicted. However, there are a number of interesting cultural notes in that dinner, so let’s take a quick look at them!

As you can see in the featured image of this post, I had a crêpe for dinner. Crêpe are very traditional French foods that can be either savory (for a main dish) or sweet (for dessert). They are like a very, very thin but big pancake and take a lot more skill to make than they look like! The batter is very thin and has to be spread as evenly as possible across a very hot griddle, so by the time you have the crêpe completely spread out, it’s already nearly cooked through enough to flip. They are made in huge proportions – literally 16 inches or so across the middle – because once they are very nearly done, various fillings are spread over them and then they are folded into fourths (as you can see in the picture) for eating. This shape allows them to be eaten on the go if necessary but they are big. It can easily fill a dinner plate after it has already been folded!

You can also see that I was drinking hot chocolate. This is a very common hot drink in France (it began drizzling here and a warm drink sounded great!) but see the small blue package on the corner of my serving dish? That is actually the sugar for my hot chocolate. French hot chocolate is made by simply mixing hot water or milk with unsweetened cocoa powder; then you add your own sugar to make it as sweet as you like it to be!


Here is another common form of a crêpe, called a galette. (Yes, that’s my husband. He was kind enough to let me photograph his dinner too!) A galette is very similar to the kind of crêpe I had, but it is even a little thinner, cooks a little longer, and when it is filled, you only fold in the edges to make a square shape leaving the center unfolded. This way, the final dish is much thinner than the 1/4 triangle of the traditional crêpe and you get more filling in each bite. You can also put extra toppings on after it is folded (the ham on top is an example of this). A galette is typically savory but there are dessert versions out there.

Alright, time for me to go to bed, as I’m definitely jet lagged and it’s already 10:15 pm here. Remember to comment and I’ll see you all again tomorrow!