It’s been a lovely warm morning here in Toulouse, and we’ve done quite a bit of exploring! After a quick breakfast of pastries and coffee, we headed back into the older part of town (pictured above). We honestly weren’t sure what we were going to find; it was mostly a “pick a direction and see what’s there” kind of morning.

And see what was there we did! First, we found this monument to the local area’s WWI casualties:


Many of the soldier’s names were inscribed on the side of the monument, with the battles they fought in written across the top.

A little further to the east, we found this beautiful looking church.


Unfortunately we were not able to visit the inside, as they are doing some renovation work and the area is closed to everyone except the workers.

Finally, we headed back towards the Capitole, the main city square, and along the way we stumbled upon the Palais de Justice (literally “Palace of Justice”, or the main city courthouse) with this surprise beautiful fountain!


There is a big soccer game today here in Toulouse for the European tournament between Italy and Sweden, so all day long we’ve also been seeing what my husband is calling “rivers of Swedes” – so many yellow jerseys everywhere! A bit surprising, considering how much closer we are to Italy than Sweden, but they’ve all been great fun and very friendly people.