Well after lunch we headed back to the church to try to catch a glimpse of the new sanctuary…but it had already closed again for the day! I guess Sundays are so busy for them they don’t want to wait around, especially after a special day like today’s procession.

But we walked around the church anyway,  hoping to find an open door…and found a garden instead!


The garden was built to honor the friendship between Salamanca and Coimbra, another city just to the west of here. It was beautifully terraced with plenty of landscaped flowers, trees, small fountains, and even a vine-covered pathway! You could also see the church towers over the tops of the trees in spots, which only made it prettier. It wasn’t what we were looking for, but it was a pretty awesome find nevertheless!


The other cool part about the garden was that since it was built in the side of a hill, we had some pretty cool views of the other side of the city! This is looking out towards the southern suburbs; you can just barely see where the trees end and the river begins.

Dinner was a bit early today because we’re catching a very, very early train (1am local time!)


We had a famous Spanish food called paella, which is kinda like a jambalaya. You take rice, a spice called saffron, and meat (usually various seafood) and cook them all together until they become delicious. There are lots of different versions in different places and by different cooks, so we’re excited to try a lot of them and find our favorite!

We’re at the train station now trying to catch the very, very early train to Portugal. Hopefully we’ll be in a city called Porto soon! Our comments winner today is Audrey – congratulations! The comments today have been pretty light to be honest, but I’m hoping it’s because you’re all out having a fantastic day with your families for Father’s Day. Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you in Portugal!