We’re currently at the train station in Entroncamento, Portugal, waiting to switch trains toward Tomar. This tiny little town doesn’t seem to have much, but it smells like flowers and we managed to find a cheese sandwich to spilt and tide us over for a while until we can get a better lunch, so we’re pretty happy!

But let’s back up a little…


to breakfast! The breakfast in Portugal is so delicious. The coffee is sweet enough you don’t need any sugar at all, and the tiny, buttery pastries would give any French pâtisserie a run for their money. Our hotel offered scrambled eggs for a hot option, which paired beautifully with the tiny pieces of toast and rich butter. They also love orange juice here; I had already finished mine by the time I remembered to take a picture, but it is pressed fresh every day and tastes like it too!


Then it was time to pack our bags and head towards the train station. On the way, we passed this little grocery store that I loved. They mostly sold little things like tea bags and chocolate bars, but the most interesting thing by far were those codfish! Yes, that’s what’s hanging from the awning: codfish, caught in the Atlantic Ocean just a few kilometers away, gutted and hung for sale otherwise whole. It is such a popular fish here that we heard some people call the cod “the best friend of Portugal”!

The train today was pretty comfortable, with a very wide aisle (helpful for dragging bags along with you) and we were excited to be able to see the ocean for a few minutes right next to the train tracks. Unfortunately, we were traveling too quickly for any of the pictures to come out as more than a blur 😦 In about 30 minutes we’ll be back on a train racing towards Tomar…hopefully it will be short and comfortable as well and then we’ll have lots to see and do in a new city!