Sorry there was no morning post folks – we weren’t able to take many pictures today because we spent most of it in the Prado where photography of any kind is forbidden. But we can still overview the day now!

We started with the short walk to the Prado, which led us right past this place: the Spanish Congress building! There’s a very new building right next to it that we think they might be using as well, but this is the “traditional” one and frankly, it’s much nicer looking.

Past the fountain of Neptune…

And you get to the Prado! If you haven’t heard of it before, think of it as the Louvre of Spain. Super big and important national art museum (though it’s not anywhere near as big as the actual Louvre).

This is the only picture I managed to take inside before getting scolded: “no photos!”

It was a pretty awesome experience though, and one we really enjoyed. While I tend to prefer the sculptures to the painters, my husband and I both agreed our favorite exhibit was the one on El Greco, the famous painter with his own highly unique style. If you’re at all interested in art, you should definitely check out his work!

We were going to visit this beautiful church that’s right behind the Prado, but they were closed for the evening due to it being a Sunday. Tomorrow, hopefully!

So we walked back to the hotel for a bit of a break before heading out for dinner and the soccer game. One of my favorite things about Madrid is the incredible amount of manicured green spaces; it feels like you can’t go more than a block or two without hitting another one like this, usually with a fountain and a few benches. They’re incredibly well maintained and can be a big relief, especially in such a pedestrian city on ridiculously hot summer days like today!

After dinner and a France victory over Iceland, we were heading back to our hotel when we saw a big group of about 100 people gathered in the Puerta del Sol. Figuring something interesting was going on, we headed over to find this busker group putting on a show! While most buskers work alone, groups like this do pop up, especially at night, and they can really get a good crowd going if they know what they’re doing. What a fun way to spend a few minutes on a warm evening!