Well, we had a few transportation issues this evening and ended up getting a lot less done than planned, but we did get some cool stuff accomplished.

Like finding this awesome statue of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a Mexican nun who was also a poet and extremely early (by about 350 years) feminist! 

And this garden full of beautiful tall trees and sculptures behind the Royal Palace! 

Here’s the main place we were trying to get to: the Madrid Atocha train station. Yup, this is inside a train station! You know how I keep talking about all the green space there is in Madrid? Well the entire middle of the train station is yet another “park”. Instead of being shops or waiting area seats like every other train station ever, Madrid Atocha filled their space with palm trees and other similar plants, water, and turtles! It is honestly probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a train station. It’s certainly the most relaxing! 

Finally we ended the day at the famous San Ginés chocolatier around the corner from our hotel. First of all, we were amazed they were still open – we sat down at about 11:30pm on a Monday night and still got the full service we would have had during more normal business hours. But when we realized we were good to go, we had to pick the churros and chocolate. 

Churros, of course, are not a local specialty and can be found in many, many places, but they do seem to be especially popular here with nearly every bakery and candy store selling them paired with what they call “hot chocolate” (which is really more like “warm, slightly thinned out Hersey syrup” – you definitely couldn’t drink this stuff!) You break off a piece of the (otherwise completely plain) churro, dip it in the chocolate, and then pop the entire thing into your mouth before you drip chocolate everywhere. It’s absolutely delicious and was a great way to relax after a bit of a trying afternoon 🙂
Our comments winner today is…Anna H! Congrats Anna! I was super happy to see some of you chiming in on the conversation again yesterday – we’ve missed hearing from you! Though today’s been a little quiet, I’m hoping it’s because you’re having an awesome 4th of July with your families. Enjoy the fireworks for us!