It’s been a long morning of exploring Barcelona, but we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff! 

Today we headed south with the idea we were going to explore the Gothic Neighborhood, as the old neighborhood here is called. On the way, we passed the Casa Batllo, another building designed by Gaudi (the guy who did Sagrada Familia, the church we saw yesterday). There are also several other buildings on the street which have similar styles (just less famous architects). Barcelona is definitely the place to see if you’re interested in architecture at all! 

Continuing south, we eventually hit the coast! Barcelona is a major port on the Mediterranean and these little bays pop up frequently on the southern edge of town. 

Much to my joy and surprise, there were boat tours! We jumped on a 90 minute coastline tour that took us all the way down to the next port and back. 

There were a lot of people out on the water; some were working, but a lot of them were just enjoying the sea like these guys. 

One of the views towards the city. You can see one of Barcelona’s beaches – they have 9 different sections of beach here that people can visit, plus some rocky areas in-between where we saw some locals hanging out and fishing. 

This section of the city was one of my favorites, especially with the sailboats hanging out nearby! Check out how much busier this beach is though…

Heading back into port. See that statue on the giant pedestal? That is…

…Christopher Columbus! He’s pointing the way to America! 

…kinda. Just like the real guy, who was originally trying to get to India, this Columbus got a little lost. He’s supposed to be pointing to America, but if you went in a straight line from his statue in the direction he’s pointing, you’d actually end up in Africa. Hey, getting lost worked out for him the first time, so…close enough? 

Finally it was time for some lunch! We headed back inland a little bit to find this square, the Plaza Reial. It’s fairly small but it’s really pretty, with these arches and lanterns lining the entire thing and a beautiful open area with palm trees and benches in the middle. The shady sides are remarkably cool and you’re still close enough to the Sea to smell it in the air. What a great little resting place – we may have to come back later and try another one of the restaurants here!