What a perfect way to wrap up the last evening we have in Spain! 

Looking down the hill from that art museum in the morning post, we see our entry back into the city. The 4 columns are a memorial of some kind – honestly our Catalan isn’t good enough to be sure, but we think it’s a general memorial for people who died due to injustice? 

Past the columns, fountains, and a number of other cool sculptures, we ended up here, the Plaça d’Espanya. There’s a very cool series of statues in the middle and the old bullfighting arena just to the right of this picture! Yes, bullfighting still exists in Spain, but no, it is definitely not a daily thing. There is a very specific bullfighting season (from April to July, essentially) and some states, including Catalonia where we are right now, have banned it entirely out of concerns for animal welfare. Still, the arena is super cool from the viewpoint of seeing a part of Spanish tradition and culture!

After that, we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit after our long, hot hike…but we couldn’t stay in for too long because we still had one more stop we had to make! 

The beach! No way we could miss that one! This beach, called the Platga de Barceloneta, is fairly sheltered by some long peninsulas to the west, so the surf unfortunately wasn’t very big. Still, you can dig your toes into the sand, wade and swim in the water, look for seashells, build a sandcastle…nearly everything you could possibly want to do at a beach! 

There’s even a little tiny marina!

Totally worth having wet hems and sandy legs at dinner 🙂

Our comments winner for today is…Audrey D! Congratulations Audrey! I’ve been super happy with everyone’s questions and insightful comments lately, so keep up the good work! Tomorrow is going to be the longest travel day we have left, going nearly all the way across the southern coast of France, but we’re going to have multiple stops so hopefully we’ll see some pretty awesome things along the way! And we should pull into Aigues-Mortes with a pretty decent chunk of afternoon left too, so maybe we’ll even get to start exploring our new city earlier than we thought!