Sundays are pretty quiet in a traditional little town like this, and honestly it was pretty nice to have a slower day after all the hustle and bustle of cities like Barcelona and Madrid! But it wasn’t a completely empty day…

Sunday is one if the most traditional market days in France, and Aigues-Mortes is no exception! Like all French marchés, they had a wide variety of products, such as produce…


sausages and other prepared meats…


even raw meat like these chickens!

After a bit of shopping, we headed out for a relaxing walk along the canal. This canal isn’t actually part of the marshes, though it does all connect; since so many people here use boats on a regular basis, it was best to have a waterway going between the local towns, doo they built one. It’s not only super useful for the locals, it’s a beautiful place to take a relaxing stroll on a beautiful day like today!

After a short break to cool off, we decided to explore the ramparts. There is over a mile of wall and 15 towers, so there’s a lot to see and do up here! It took us just over two hours to visit all of it!

Inside the Tour De Constance, looking down from the second level.

One of the views from the top, looking south over the city and towards the marshes. Just fyi the right of the picture you can see some of the giant piles of salt they produce here!

Of course, these were originally meant for defense, so there are a number of medieval military tactics built in. This is one of my favorites just for the simplicity; it’s called a murderhole and it was pretty easy to use. Just stand on the wall and throw things down the hole to land on your enemy’s head below you. Anything from rocks to boiling oil would work, as long as it could conceivably kill the person it landed on.

They even have several of the original portcullises (those gate things), though these days they’re secured open with steel beams so they don’t fall on anyone.
Finally, it was time for the European soccer championship game! France was playing Portugal and everyone was excited for it…until France blew several good opportunities and we ended up going into overtime with a 0-0 tie.

My new friend here, Louis, and I bonded over shouting at les Bleus.

Unfortunately, they didn’t listen to us and lost in double overtime 😦

Our comments winner for today is…Lauren H! Congrats Lauren! Haven’t seen too many folks coming in yesterday or today so far, but that’s also partly my fault for not getting as much up. Hopefully tomorrow will be better on both counts?