Man, we are not having great luck with multiple posts per day here in Aigues-Mortes, are we? Today, the problem was we spent nearly the entire day…

at the beach! We technically weren’t in Aigues-Mortes anymore, as it’s not actually on the Mediterranean coast. We started off the day with a very short (about 8 minutes) train ride to a small town called Grau du Roi which is where the beach is.

The water here is extremely salty, which makes sense – the saltwater marshes at Aigues-Mortes have to come from somewhere! The water is great for swimming otherwise and is pretty clear and cool.

They also have a very nice sand beach, so we decided to build a giant sandcastle, complete with walls, towers, a moat, entryway, cathedral, and garden. It was a lovely castle which looked much better in person, I swear.

There was a brief drizzle that afternoon, and as most of the beach cleared out, we worried our day was going to get cut short. Thankfully, it stopped raining maybe ten minutes later (this is not horribly uncommon in France) and the sun was out a few minutes after that. People slowly came back and the rest of the day was beautiful!

At least until we gathered all our stuff to leave and discovered a seagull had taken a taste test of my husband’s sandal! We’d seen then around our towels pretty much all day (they’re not scared of the people at all here) but must have missed it when this happened! At least the silly bird must have learned pretty quickly…

We were pretty wiped out after the beach, so when we got back into Aigues-Mortes, we decided to just grab some dinner and call it a day. Just down the street from our hotel is a huge variety of restaurants on the Place St. Louis, named after this fountain of St. Louis. He’s a pretty big deal around these parts, seeing as he was the founder of the city! St. Louis was the French king Louis IX, best known for leading the 7th and 8th Crusades and generally being an awesome king. He believed that in order to stay in good favor with God, he had to clean up the Royal Court at the time, taking measures to do things like stop spending the state’s money on unnecessary expenses that only benefited the King, end corruption, improve the justice system, and help out common folks as much as possible when they need it.

The view towards our hotel as we headed back over dinner. The sunset over the walls is gorgeous!

Our comments winner today is…Zoe E! Congratulations Zoe! Yay! Tomorrow is outer last full day in Aigues-Mortes, so let’s see if I can manage two posts for the first time. We’re going to be doing some really cool stuff, including exploring the saltwater marshes, so there should be plenty to talk about!