I didn’t get two posts up today. Sigh. In my defense, that’s because we spent a majority of the day exploring the saltwater marshes and there wasn’t too much signal out there. But let’s start at the beginning!

We wandered around the city for a while this morning waiting for the boats to be ready to head out for the day. That’s where we found these guys! Dressed in traditional costumes and playing traditional songs, they spent a long time wandering the streets and playing for everyone they could get to stop and listen. They were really good, so we didn’t mind at all!

Finally the boat was ready to go! Here’s the view back toward the city as we got ready to launch.

It started off wide open when we were near the city…(check out the mountains in the background. Those are actually the Pyrenees – yes, even this far east!)

And then it narrowed the further out we got. This shot was taken facing backwards, looking towards the city – see the Tour De Constance in the background?

Quite a way into the marshes (I’d guess about 45 minutes to an hour out), there is this tower, the Tour Carbonnière. It wad originally built to be an outpost for the city’s defenses and was eventually turned into a toll collection point for boats traveling through the canals. These days, it’s nothing more than a tourist attraction, but it looks beautiful standing tall out in the marsh!

Then we headed to a different part of the marshes to visit some a French cowboys! 

I know, “French cowboys” sounds…weird, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what they are!

They showed off their horsemanship and a few off their bulls to us. The cattle here is much smaller than in Spain or the United States – look at the size of the bulls compared to the horses!

One last look across the marshes as the sun began to set.

It looks more like a painting than a photograph.

Back to the city for dinner and an easy night. We have an early train back to Nîmes in the morning, after all! Our next stop, Annecy, is not really that far away, but the train routes through the tiny provencial towns are slow and winding, so we’ll end up spending quite a bit if time tomorrow traveling. Never fear though! We should still have plenty of time to explore tomorrow afternoon!

Our comments winner for today is…Zoe E! Yes, again. That’s what happens when she’s nearly every single comment posted on a particular day. If you don’t like it…post!