Whew! After some adventures on the trains this morning, we finally pulled into Annecy this afternoon. This town is substantially bigger than Aigues-Mortes but it’s still pretty small at only about 50,000 people; however, it is well known throughout France for its gorgeous scenery, so we were super excited to get here!

The first view we got of Annecy from our hotel window. Already the city did not disappoint!

This is why Annecy is sometimes called “the Venice of the Alps”. Look at all these gorgeous canals winding their way through town!

Seriously, it feels like you can’t turn a corner here in the city center without stumbling across a beautiful scene like these!

There are a lot of waterfowl here, as you might imagine – this one here is one of my personal favorites! Check out its feet – doesn’t it look like it’s made out of feathers?

We stopped off for dinner before heading further away from the hotel and got this local specialty: tartiflette! To make it yourself, take a small ceramic or cast iron dish and fill it with delicious things like ham and vegetables. Pretty much anything you want to eat will work as long as you include potatoes. Add a lot of melty cheese and possibly some cream. Bake it all together like a casserole until it’s bubbly. Top with more delicious things if you want and enjoy! It was so good, we’re looking forward to eating some more tomorrow!

Then it was down to the lake. Lac d’Annecy is the third largest lake in France and is considered to be the cleanest lake in all of Europe thanks to some very strict environmental laws here. The water comes from the Alp glaciers and is so clear, you can see straight to the bottom!

Not to mention the beautiful mountain views in the background of the French Alps to round out the picture!

And this dog…we weren’t sure if it was a stray or if it somehow belonged to the docks, but this sweetie pie ran up to us with a pinecone, dropped it at our feet, and then ran off a few feet asking us to throw it back to him. We played for a little while before he decided to try asking some other people to join in. It was so much fun – he made me miss my doggie back home!

Our comments winner for today is…Vanessa W! Congrats Vanessa!! Tomorrow should be a super exciting day – it’s our only full day in Annecy but it is also the French national holiday, so there’s going to be a lot of super cool stuff going on!