Yes, we’re still on schedule! Roissey-en-France is just the name of the little itty bitty…town? just outside Paris where we’re spending the night. This is where the Charles de Gaulle airport actually is, not Paris 🙂

First things first – we were in Rouen all morning, so we decided to get in a bit of last minute shopping! Isn’t it such a pretty street to be wandering in and out of little shops and cafés?

We also stumbled across the Saint Eloi Temple, which was closed to visitors unfortunately. But it looked pretty awesome from the outside!

And this tower, which is they only surviving part of a church which stood here between the 1100s and 1944, when the rest was destroyed in WWII bombing. There was a much narrower section of tower above the platform boxing your view of the top as well but we think they might have been working on it?

Then it was time to hop on this train – notice anything different about it? It’s a double decker! There are two levels of seats and on this particular route, you get to choose where to sit. Walk in, decide if you want up or down, head up or down the stairs, and pick your seat – as long as it’s empty, you can sit wherever you want!

The ride to our hotel was mostly a very boring looking mess of construction, Interstates, and highly confusing airport maze roads. But our taxi did have its own Wi-Fi network, which I thought was pretty cool!

And…yeah, that’s it! We’re 16 kilometers outside Paris so we haven’t left the hotel area since getting here, and there’s really nothing to do here anyway because it’s just a street of hotels for easy airport access…and our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 9:40am so we’re not going to do anything extra in Paris then either. This is it! Our last night in Europe! Wow…

Our second to last comments winner is…Zoe E! Congrats Zoe! There will still be one last comments winner tomorrow, so don’t forget to check in!