Madame Brenner Goes to Europe!

June 11 – July 24

Students: Read This!

Bonjour tout le monde!

So here’s how this is going to work. Before the school year ends (between now and May 25th), post a comment on any of my three sites – here, Twitter, or Instagram – to receive extra credit points. You can do this every single time I make a new post, but it only counts once per topic. For example, if you commented on the first post about passports on Instagram and on this blog, you only get extra credit points once. But commenting again on the next post will earn more points. It must be a comment/reply; simply following is not enough!

After the year ends and grades are finalized, I will be running a number of different “contests” for various prizes I’ll bring back from the trip. This will often be a random drawing from whoever comments on certain posts, or it could be the first two comments, the first comment written in French, etc. etc. etc. I’ll post the rules of each contest whenever it starts and winners can pick up their prizes from room 111 in August! (If you are going to North or another high school next year, I will be glad to run your prizes over to your new school office for you.)

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