Madame Brenner Goes to Europe!

June 11 – July 24

Winner’s Circle

Remember, in order to be eligible to win, you must comment on each day’s posts (just “liking” on Instagram will NOT enter you into the daily contest!) You may comment on this blog, Twitter, or Instagram – you can comment on more than one if you’d like, but you’ll still only get one entry into each day’s drawing, sorry.


June 4 (pre-trip post about electrical adaptors): Rilee M.
June 12 (Paris Day 1): Lauren H.
June 13 (Paris Day 2): Hananeel M.
June 14 (Paris Day 3): Petra T.
June 15 (Paris Day 4): Hallie A.
June 16 (Toulouse Day 1): Zoe E.
June 17 (Toulouse Day 2): Erin M.
June 18 (Salamanca Day 1): Audrey D.
June 19 (Salamanca Day 2): Abby R.
June 20 (Porto Day 1): Zoe E.
June 21 (Porto Day 2): Ashley D.
June 22 (Porto Day 3): Madison S.
June 23 (Tomar Day 1): Erin M.

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